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RS KITS are Field Tested & Technician APPROVED!

Our PPE Kits include preferred items from multiple industry-leading manufacturers. The leaders at Ritter Safety have an extensive background in Energized Electrical Services. Every item included in a RS KIT is carefully selected for its combination of quality, value and intuitive design. Each item has been worn in the field by highly skilled service technicians that we have worked with for many years. These are the items they chose over many other similar styles and brands.   To solve the problems commonly encountered by technicians and managers we have combined these great products into easy to purchase and affordable kits.

The biggest challenge most companies face is actually getting the technicians to wear the PPE once it is purchased. Many technicians have very legitimate reasons for not wanting to wear the equipment even though it is required by OSHA and designed to protect them from debilitating, gruesome injuries that can fatal. It is important that management respect these concerns and address the problems by providing the technicians with PPE that is user friendly and maximizes safety.

Below are 7 of the most common complaints we have encountered regarding electrical PPE and how our RS KIT components solve these problems.

Problem #1: Technicians don't understand why all of this equipment is necessary.


Implement a Quality Training Program. Technicians need to be regularly reminded that they are exposed to deadly shock and arc flash hazards anytime they are working on or near energized electrical equipment. This often includes LOTO. It is imperative that they fully understand the speed at which these events occur and the devastation they have on the unprotected human body.   Just as important, they need to understand exactly what level of protection is necessary for specific tasks and equipment. Greater understanding leads to greater compliance and a much safer workplace.

Problem #2: The equipment can be heavy, bulky, hot and generally uncomfortable to wear.


Size the equipment properly.  We will work with each customer to ensure optimum sizing for each and every employee. This is not just good practice, but is also a clear requirement of OSHA.

Use Inherent Fire-Resistant (FR) Fabrics. There are reasons why similar PPE with similar arc flash ratings can have wildly different prices. Often times the least expensive PPE is constructed of thick heavy cotton blends with FR protection “sprayed”on. While safe and less expensive, the products can be excessively hot, stiff, itchy and can sometimes cause allergic reactions.

RS KITS use primarily Inherent FR fabrics that are comparatively lightweight and more flexible and comfortable than the low-end alternatives. Inherent FR means the fabric itself is Fire Resistant and no additional chemicals are needed to provide protection.  In addition, the protective qualities of the garment can’t be washed off.

Carefully select the style of Equipment. Our RS-2 nd RS-4 products are Arc Flash PPE Category 2 and 4 kits that include a Short Coat and Bib Overall system. The technicians we have worked with over the years have always preferred this style over the common Coverall for many reasons. It offers more flexibility. It is easier to don and remove in tight spaces such as equipment rooms. When briefly stepping out of the Arc Flash Boundary for a break, the coat can be easily removed for fast cooling. The Coat and Bib system is more adjustable and provides a better fit for multiple users. The improved flexibility also reduces the frequency of seam tears that can compromise protection and require costly and inconvenient repairs.

Problem #3: The protective green faceshields on the Category 2 & 4 head units are too dark and are easily scratched and scuffed. This often reduces visibility to a dangerous level and is a leading reason why technicians will choose to not wear the required protection.


Protective head unit Bags. In addition to the standard gear bag that carries all of the items for the kit, RS KITS provide a separate protective head unit bag for either the Cat 2 Helmet/Faceshield or the Cat 2 or Cat 4 Arc Flash Suit Hood. The headgear MUST be stored in this bag after EVERY use. Doing so will dramatically reduce scratches and scuff marks and ensure proper visibility for the next user or task. The use of this simple storage bag will also extend the life of the units by several years.

Buy newer head units. We’re serious, it’s that simple. Advancement in technology has allowed newer faceshields to provide the same heat protection with substantially lighter tinting than older units. This greatly improves visibility over faceshields manufactured just a few years ago.

Use integrated hood-mounted flashlights. ALL RS Head units come standard with bright, integrated head lamps.

True Color Grey (TCG) Faceshields.  One of the most innovative products on the market today is the new True Color Grey faceshields you will find in every RS-4 Head unit.  One of the common complaints of the green-tint faceshields is that they skew the color of electrical wires.  This can lead to dangerous mistakes.  The new TCG faceshield allows the technician to see the true color of the wires they are working with.

Clear chin cup. The clear protective chin cup comes standard on the RS-2 head unit. This feature maximizes safety by dramatically increasing the technician’s field of view.   The clear chin cup reduces blind spots at angles where technicians are often contacting circuit parts with tools or gloved hands.

Problem #4: The Category 2 head units are wobbly and unstable with the faceshield pulled up. The faceshield often drops down unexpectedly and can inadvertently bump equipment components, or force the helmet down over the eyes.


Weight balanced faceshields. RS-2 head units come standard with weight balanced faceshields that slide over the top of the helmet when placed in the up position. This intuitive design keeps the faceshield out of the way when stored in the up position. This ergonomic-friendly device reduces neck strain and prevents the helmet from creeping down over the eyes.

Problem #5: Category 4 Arc Flash Suit Hoods are heavy, hot and steamy due to thick fabric and restricted air flow. This can obstruct vision and increase the likelihood of a heat related illness and fainting spells - Extremely Dangerous situations when working on energized electrical equipment with High Arc Flash potentials.


Fresh-air Fan Ventilation System. All RS-2 Hood Units and RS-4 Hood Units come standard with an integrated, battery operated Fresh-air Fan Ventilation System. This simple but remarkable design includes a rear-mounted, lightweight, AA battery operated fan that pumps fresh air into the hood while the technician is working. This is another feature that is used extensively and has been highly recommended by field technicians we work with on a regular basis.

Level 2 Hood Units.  One common complaint voiced by technicians is how uncomfortable the balaclava or sock hood is, especially in hot, sticky conditions.  RS-2 Hood Kits offer an alternative to the balaclava.  These kits replace the common 12 cal helmet/faceshied and balaclava with one 15 cal hood unit that includes a fresh air fan ventilation system and headlamp.  It is the technicians preference, but many are turning to the 15 cal hood with ventilation and ditching the balaclava.

Problem #6: The glove system required to be worn when working on or near energized circuits is bulky, stiff and sweaty. This makes it difficult to hold onto tools and small parts.


Proper Sizing.  Properly sized PPE is an essential OSHA requirement and is absolutely critical when issuing technicians voltage rated glove kits. Each Ritter Safety Training attendee is offered accurate sizing for voltage rated gloves. Non-attendees can receive free consultation on how to properly measure their hands for the best fit. Gloves generally range from Sizes 7-12, so accurate sizing is essential. There is no question that it is more difficult to perform most tasks when wearing voltage rated gloves and leather outers. The alternative is to risk deadly shock and disabling arc flash burns. This is why it is so critical to maximize dexterity with proper glove sizing.

Flexible Leather Outers.   Insulated Rubber Gloves (Shock Protection) are designed to be worn under Leather outer gloves (Arc Flash Protection). Many glove kits come standard with stiff leather outers that make it exceedingly difficult for technicians to grip tools and small parts and perform basic tasks. RITTER’s 1000V Glove Kits include high quality soft, pliable leather outers that greatly optimize dexterity. (Higher Voltage Rated Kits are available.)

Cotton Liners. Technicians are often surprised to learn that adding yet another layer of material to the glove system actually improves comfort and feel. Within seconds of wearing rubber insulated gloves over bare hands, the hands become annoyingly sweaty and uncomfortable. Control is lost as hands and fingers begin to slip within the gloves. The addition of cotton liners will absorb the sweat and improve grip and dexterity. Comfort is improved dramatically and the gloves are much more likely to be worn throughout the entire task.

Problem #7: Hearing protection is always required, but is often overlooked or forgotten as technicians focus on the more dangerous shock and arc flash hazards.


All RS KITS include safety glasses with integrated slots and clips that hold lanyards with attached ear plugs. This way the hearing protection is never forgotten. A simple solution for a common problem!

Our goal at Ritter Safety & Facility Support is to provide your technicians with equipment that they will actually WEAR! Every item included in a RS KIT was selected because a talented and experienced technician wore it for hundreds, if not thousands of field hours and preferred the piece over many other items worn.  Please contact us anytime with questions regarding the right PPE for your facility or organization.

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