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Electrical Safety Program Development

You understand the importance of a safe workplace, but are your employees and outside contractors safe from shock and arc flash hazards? Are they compliant with OSHA and electrical safety standards such as 2018 NFPA 70E? What about the condition of your electrical equipment? Is it safe for contractors or employees to work on or near the equipment? Do your workers have the right electrical PPE and are they wearing it at the right time? Are your employees or outside contractors properly trained? Assessing the workplace and ensuring that employees and contractors are electrically safe while in your facility can be a complex and challenging task.

Focus on your operations and your customers.   Let the Ritter Safety experts develop a comprehensive modern and compliant Electrical Safety Program.

Ritter Safety will develop a plan that includes:

  • Site specific policies and procedures that are practical and will build moral.
  • Updated LOTO Program
  • PPE and PPE Program Management
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Qualified Electrical Worker Qualifications
  • Training Program
  • Outside Contractor Policies

We will begin with a detailed personal consultation to gather all of the necessary information to build a modern, compliant and practical program.  We will hold a draft meeting to review every detail of the new program and make any final adjustments.  The final program will be delivered in hard copy and electronic format.

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